Hello World!

I have been playing a lot with DATV Express and other ATV technologies of late. It’s a great deal of fun but is quite testing due to the complexity of ffmpeg. As a result I have a backlog of stuff to share. To whet your appetite here’s a brief summary of what I’ve got working (and not):

  • vMix virtual set with desktop capture or other image / slide show on screen behind presenter (me)
  • vMix with HiDes receiver relaying video on-screen behind presenter (multi-station working)
  • vMix with ffmpeg on Windows sending TS to avconv on Linux driving DATV Express
  • vMix / ffmpeg on Windows sending TS direct to DATV Express software on Linux
  • vMix / ffmpeg on Windows driving DATV Express Windows Alpha software
  • vMix / ffmpeg on Windows sending TS to Linux on Raspberry pi driving DATV Express
  • avconv (ffmpeg fork) feeding DATV Express server on Netbook from built-in camera / mic – a great mobile setup

Most of these configurations have been tested using both a fairly old netbook (MSI Wind clone) and a Raspberry Pi (V1 and V2) to drive DATV Express. With limitations most variants work. The key to this is offloading the processor intensive stuff to my main computer – which also runs vMix live video mixing software.

I hope to share enough thoughts and ideas here to help others to get up and running with DATV Express – even without Hauppauge cards with MPEG2 encoders on board.

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